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Join our CLIMBING experience!

Do you like extreme sports and a rush of adrenaline? Try out Sønderborg climbing club for free! Test what you are capable of doing and stay strong!
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende
Medarrangør: Sønderjylland Afdeling, IDA Syd

Have you ever been curious how is it to climb? How to use your body to do seemingly impossible things? We guarantee that you will leave sweaty and wanting more! It is also a perfect way to alleviate study stress and challenge yourself to get rid of a fear of heights. 

We offer you a free climbing session and a possibilty to ask for help our students that have gained impressive experience in this sport. You will get all equipment necessary for it. 

"The purpose of the club is to exercise climbing and other mountain sports and through the social aspect of the club to disseminate knowledge of climbing as a sporting discipline. Besides climbing on walls, we aim to arrange rock-climbing trips."


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