15-12-2018 12:40:40

Kvindelige ingeniører: Mand jer op - Man up!??

Exploring alternative ways to more career opportunities and money. An event for female engineers and women working in male-dominated settings that are interested in career advancement.
Arrangør: IDA Young Professionals

In spite of growing equality in the workplace, women are still a minority in engineering, earn less and it feels like the only valid way to advance is turning into a mini-man.


Instead let's explore how we can make use of this man-domain, find great career sponsors and take ownership of our own career development. How to be vocal in an elegant way? How to up our salary game while remaining true to ourselves?

Look forward to 2 amazing speakers and an evening of networking, inspiration and hands-on career advice that awaits your action!

About the speakers:
Angela Huser will talk about all the ways we can take ownership for our careers and influence the experience we are having. Angela is a career coach, HR professional and the creator of female talent programs that get women the career game they deserve.

Ulla Röttger is one of few female role models within engineering and sharing the learnings from her personal career journey. Ulla has built an inspiring career within green energy, lately as CEO of Amager Ressourcecenter where she has been an integral driver in creating “Amager Bakke”. Ulla has made it into the board rooms of several companies and funds such as CARE Denmark, The Technical University of Denmark and Danmarks Grønne Investeringsfond.

The programme:

17.30 Arrival, registration and sandwiches

18.00 Welcome

18.10 Career ownership / Angela Huser (This part will be primarily in English)

Angela will take you through three short talks, broken up by exercises, where you will get to work with what you just learned and share your career experiences.

  • find your next career step
  • ask for it & get support
  • negotiate

19.30 Coffee break

19.45 Q&A with Ulla Röttger (This part will be primarily in Danish)

Ulla shares a few selected career stories, which may or may not be relatable to you. You get to discuss, share and ask Ulla whatever comes to your mind.

20.30 Wrap up and networking

21.00 Goodnight :)

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