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Latex advanced course

Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

LATEX for Experienced - Meet the ultimate alternative to Microsoft Word and Open Office!

This advanced LATEX course is for people who have prior experience with the
language to an extent that makes them able to write a report. The course
covers a little extra setup and various other uses of LATEX to report writing,
and introduction to presentations with LATEX. After the course, you can:
Make bibliographies with BIBTEX
Make slideshow presentations with LATEX Beamer
Add programming languages with listings
Manipulate page styles and titles with fancyhdr and titlesec
Define new commands and environments with new command and new environment

Organiser: BACH Educations
Lecturer: Bjarne Bach og Christian Schemann Jacobsen
Time: 4 hours

Please note that final date for registration is 7 March 2013! 


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