28-05-2018 07:20:10

LaTex for beginners.

Are you tired of disorganised reports filled with formulas and different layouts? Pictures, tables, and formulas without references? And several different fonts? Then join us at the LaTeX course with IDA and find out how to organise your reports better!
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

LaTex is a program which is perfect for project group work.

Learn about the text program LaTex, and all the possibilities there is to get a perfect layout.

LaTex is easy to use, and it is incredibly practical for ordinary text documents, but also for math equations, reaction equations and many other items you want to include in your project.

LaTex is a free program, and there are thousands of guides on the net, but our course will get you started.

Come and have a good introduction to LaTex, and afterwards you can start using it at DTU for projects.

There will be a sandwich and water for the participants.

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