22-02-2018 17:50:10

Leadership and tools for success – seminar

We all want to be successful and to accomplish our goals, but how? Join this event and learn how!
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

It is noticed that there are people who seem to achieve success very easily – they get interesting assignments, they thrive and grow. Then there are these that work hard, but hardly move in 10 years. Even having the same educational background does not result in the same level of accomplishment. Why is this huge variation in success?

This 2 hour seminar will zoom in on this topic – and present a practical approach for you to become more successful. Some of the main topics:

  • What is leadership?
  • Who are leaders – and who are not ?
  • How do you lead yourself short- and long-term ?
  • How do you personally accomplish your goals ?

The speaker for this event is Keld Jansaa (LinkedIn profile). He is a senior consultatnt at Lars Rüger HR A/S.  Since 1996 he is working primarily with Danish companies, partially in development, partially in Human Resources. His goal is to ensure that the employees and the company are working at optimum efficiency to achieve corporate goals.

Place: VIA University College, Horsens, 3rd floor, room D.301

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