10-12-2018 06:11:16

Massage techniques for the busy student

Strengthen your knowledge about correct ergonomics for your student life and learn how to give yourself and your fellow student the right massage to lessen shoulder pain.
Arrangør: Studieudvalg, IDA Sjælland

As a student, you spend many hours per week sedentary. You are often sitting unsuitable on horizontal surfaces and looking at a computer screen or in filled lecture rooms where there is practically no room for stretching your arms. This often causes tension in the shoulder / neck region and / or in the back and lower back. These tensions can be painful and leads to bad posture which effects the entire body. When you are living a busy life, there is also little time for strengthening your muscles. All this put together can give many physical distress during your studies and later on in your life.

Output of the event

  • Relevant massage techniques to lessen pain
  • Knowledge of human superficial anatomy in the shoulders, back and pelvic region
  • Knowledge about correct ergonomics for a busy work/ student life


Katarina Borregaard has previously studied physiotheraphy and is currently working with arthritis patients. She has a diploma as a sports-masseuse and an extensive knowledge of human anatomy.


There will be a sandwich for each participant.


H.C. Ørsteds instituttet, lokale A102

Universitetsparken 5, 2100 København Ø


kr. 50


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