15-12-2018 12:48:30

Materialshow with Erik Haastrup Müller and IDA for FREE !!!

40 amazing materials and technology in 90 minutes at Alsion SDU Sønderborg room u101
Arrangør: Sønderjylland Afdeling, IDA Syd
Thermoplastic you can shape with your fingers, magic snow (aka super-absorbent polymer), heat generating paint, superhydrophobic DIY coating, and a revolutionary new way to produce magnets. These are some of the amazing materials and technologies you will be introduced to when material enthusiast Erik Haastrup Müller from Futation presents some of the most inspiring materials from Futation's material library. You will also get entertaining examples of current and potentially new applications for the materials. 
All the materials will be available as samples you can see and touch.
Come and get inspiration for new projects and products! 
Feedback from students at DTU
Rating: 10/10
"Relaxing and entertaining. It was really nice that we could touch and play with all the materials after the talk"

Rating: 9/10
"Really exciting event and very relevant for both future and current product developers. It was nice with snacks and soft drinks"

Rating: 10/10
"It was super exciting and super entertaining"
About Futation:
Futation helps engineers and designers to discover new materials and technologies. We do material libraries where product developers receive small materials samples for their ever growing in-house material libraries. The libraries, which include more than are 300 different material samples, are used by R&D departments, universities, and design & engineering consultancies. 

PS. You can read more feedback from DTU students here - http://ws.ida.dk/evaluering/samletresultat/34722CFB-5BF1-45AA-ADD4-501242C17BFD?fb=1

Best regards

Erik Haastrup Müller


Manoraj Manoharan


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