20-08-2018 10:25:04

Measuring safety

Can safety be measured by counting incidents? Hear the opinion of world-leading safety experts Erik Hollnagel and Sidney Dekker
Arrangør: IDA Risk

How can safety be measured to support the continuing improvement of safety?
Erik Hollnagel and Sidney Dekker argue that our well-known and widely implemented measurements tend to be misleading and thus an unfortunate waste of the limited resources dedicated to safety.
We tend to measure failures rather than successes, and we focus on what we believe to be precursors of accidents, but rarely are. Are there better and more useful ways of measuring safety?

SimTrans, DHFN and IDA Risk have invited the two leading safety experts to present their views and suggestions and debate their uesefulness and implementation with a representative from CODAN, an insurance company strongly emphasizing both measurement and improvements.
We also invite the audience to participate in this discussion.


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