23-10-2018 19:07:56

Meet Hatch and Bloom

As one of the very few true Design Thinking consultancies in Denmark, Hatch and Bloom are currently experiencing a boost in interest and new business as the buzz is spreading - Come hear what it's all about.
Arrangør: IDA Design & Innovation

With a focus on the right question and the good solution, Hatch and Bloom are currently powering ahead as a new major player among design consultancies. You might already have read about their projects in Jeanne Liedtka's excellent books, (if not, you really should!) where they are presented as textbook examples. 

For this afterhours meeting they will take us through their take on Design Thinking, how they deploy it in real life, and show us a few of their cases and methods. It'll be a rare opportunity to ask the people behind the cases!

As a prerequisite for this event we strongly encourage you to read the books "Designing for Growth" and/or "Solving Problems with Design Thinking - 10 stories of what works", where Hatch and Bloom is featured in a case study.

The event is an official part of the Wiser initiative. If you havn't been there yet, please go have a look and get wiser. Wiser on Design Thinking

We look forward to a great evening of design inspiration!

We really look forward to seeing you there - So sign up!

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