17-08-2018 22:25:58

Meet "real world" Female Engineers

Arrangør: Kvindeudvalg, IDA Østjylland

This evening 4 female engineers will tell their story.

Come and hear the story of how it is to start as a new female engineer. Hear the story of how it is to manage the all the aspects of life as female engineer, motherhood, marriage, working at a men's dominated company etc.. Hear the whole and true story of life as it is lived in real life including ups and downs, highlights and disappointments, love and war.

The different women have chosen different paths in life; there will be both young and older engineers, "normal" engineers and managers. The evening will start with the different engineers present their story of life as engineers. After that it will be possible to talk with the engineers in small groups.
The engineers are:
Christina Kiær,Engineer at VELUX
Anette Struve Nielsen, Head of blade Laboratory hos Siemens Wind Power
Karen Aagaard, Certification Project Manager hos Siemens Wind Power
Annette Skyt, Teammanager of Technological Partnership, Innovation at
Teknologisk Institut
Birgitte Wiwe Lund Lead Design Engineer at Vestas

VIA will serve coffee and snacks during the event.


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