22-10-2018 07:56:29

Meet the Copenhagen-based UN-Agencies

En chance for at møde og finde ud af hvad der foregår i den nye FN by i Nordhavn
Arrangør: IDA Global Development

More than 40 000 people passes daily the new UN-building in Nordhavn and more than one thousand people go to work in the two UN campuses. But what is actually happening in the buildings. On the 3rd of October, you can get to know. Eight very different UN-agencies are housed there - some are small and some are large – some have a global reach and some are focused on the European countries, populations, and development challenges.


The agencies will present to us why they are in Copenhagen and what they do. Each agency will give a short presentation and there will be opportunities for discussion and for asking questions specific to each agency as well as about UN in general.

The meeting language will be English.

Due to security reasons, the deadline for registration is mid-day Monday 30 September. The number of participants is limited to 50 and it will not be possible to enter the building unless on the participants list.

The UN city is placed here:


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