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Memo: Optimize your Memory

Get a better memory by learning Memo
Arrangør: AVU, IDA Fyn
Medarrangør: Ungdomsudvalg, IDA Fyn

Memo: Better Memory - more Spare Time

Some people think it’s impossible to get a better memory. Through television programmes we have seen that it is possible to remember a lot of information - by learning Memo, and by using the memo technique. The idea with Memo is to use less time and energy remembering so that you can spend your time on other things.

You will receive advice for remembering: Presentations, names, languages, exams, classes, and much more. Oddbjørn By is a former world record holder in memory and author of the book Memo. In 2006 he participated in an experiment on Norwegian television where he taught three random persons how to remember 1000 decimals of pi (3,14....) in only ten hours. He is also known from in Denmark from TV2, DR1 as well as radio and newspapers. Both the American champion and the World champion of memory started with the Memo book. Oddbjørn By is not only good at remembering - he is also a fantastic teacher. 

The event is from 17.00 – 20.00 with a short break half way through. Fruit and beverages will be served, but no large meals.

All participants will receive Oddbjørn’s book, Bedre hukommelse: Best of Memo (in Danish)

This event is held in English.

The event takes place at the University of Southern Denmark, U55  - http://vejviser.sdu.dk/opslag?lid=1194 

If you have any questions, please contact Lise Lolle Christensen at lise@stud.ida.dk.


kr. 60

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