18-10-2018 05:13:52

Mini Conference "IT-security of Railway operation"

Railway systems have changed from analogue to digital and have been more and more centralized based on IT-remote control and -security. But how to take into consideration the protection against the new threats that these critical systems are exposed to?
Arrangør: IDA Rail

Railway systems have changed from analogue to digital systems and have been more and more centralized based on IT- remote control and IT-security systems.

The railway system might be corrupted and penetrated by unfriendly visitors, resulting in infringed railway safety and unreliable operations - the transmission system is one of several ways to penetrate the railway system.

The Danish Centre for Cyber Security will present a general introduction to the cyber security area and the current threats.

Banedanmark  will present the overall challenges with interfaces for signaling systems and traditional information systems

The French company SYSTRA will present their international experiences and recommendations on how to make the best possible IT-security strategy of a signaling system and the thoughts and reflections made in the current design work to prevent cyber attacks and other unauthorized access to the Railway systems.


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