17-08-2018 21:05:12

Model-based Software Engineering: Past, Present & Future

State of the art model-based Software Engineering
Arrangør: IDA IT
Medarrangør: Dansk IT

How abstract or concrete do models need to be? The idea of Model-based Software Engineering is to make models a prime artifact in the software development process. Ideally, all the code could then be automatically generated from models.

Today, there are technologies that support this idea to some extent, and parts of the code can be generated fully automatically from these models. Some parts of the software, however, still need to be programmed manually; and there are still some open issues and problems in MBSE, which will be addressed in the talk.

Presentations and discussions will be in English!

Speaker: Ekkart Kindler from DTU

Coordinator: Finn Gustafsson

Free for members of IDA IT and DIT.

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