18-11-2018 19:53:29

Model Organisms in Molecular Biology and Biomedical Research

Arrangør: IDA Bioteknologi

The 40th Anniversary Annual Meeting of the Danish Biochemical Society will focus on the crossroads of animal models and research in human biology and disease. The use of animals in genetics and pathology has a long tradition in translational research. The introduction of homologous recombination 30 years ago led to gene targeting and numerous knock-out and knock-in animals for exploration of specific gene functions in health and disease. We are proud to present a wide-ranging program, which covers a number of scientific aspects of model organisms in human diseases including developmental biology, autoimmunity, inflammation, metabolism, neurobiology and cancer. The program will include keynote lectures by three outstanding scientists, plenary presentations by national and international speakers, short talks by promising young scientists, posters, networking and social interactions.

NBNB: Full program and registration: www.biokemi.org

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7 dec.
Genome Editing using CRISPR/Cas9 Mini-symposium
  • Panum Instituttet, Mærsk Tower, København N
  • fredag d. 07. december kl. 09:00


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