19-10-2017 23:50:41

Multi-perspective leadership: Towards the business efficient organization

How do you handle projects and changes in surroundings where the number of uncertainties rise with internationalisation? These challenges for project leaders, management and organisations are treated thoroughly at this seminar.
Arrangør: ProjektForum, IDA Fyn
Medarrangører: Faggruppen for Udvikling af Human Ressources, IDA Syd, IDA Lederforum Syddanmark

Morning : 9 – 13 The nature of individual projects – point of departure

The scene will be set by introducing models and frameworks among others from Project Management -­ Multi-­perspective Leadership by H. Mikkelsen & J.O. Riis. Actual cases will illustrate how to cope with complexity and ambiguity, and group discussions will seek a deeper understanding of the nature of the project environment. 

Afternoon 14- 20 Leadership and Management – contradictions and differences

Workshops, cases and presentation on:
What does “Multi-­‐Perspective Leadership” mean? What is its potential, challenges and implications? How to measure the competence of Project Leaders?

Discussion on Project Management Certification – for and against 


Erik Mansson: Director Mindshift Consulting, Germany, Chair of IPMA Project Excellence Award Management Board.

Jens O. Riis: Professor, Co-Author of  Project Management  Multi-Perspective Leadership - among others.

Klaus Pannenbaecker: Assessor in GPM Germany, member of GPM Advisory Board and PM World Journal.


Food and refreshments will be supplied during the sessions.

The seminar will be followed by a 3-days separate IPMA PE Award Training:

See : http://ipma.ch/awards/project-excellence

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