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Offshore Wind Corrosion - design for extreme atmospheric conditions

Arrangør: IDA Mechanical
Seminar, Tuesday 28th of October 2014 at FORCE Technology

Reasonable service life and low maintenance costs are important to limit the costs related to offshore wind energy production. This requires that the remote wind farms are adequately protected against corrosion in the harsh marine environments.

Expansion of offshore wind energy production has generated very useful experiences on both successful applications of corrosion protection and on unpleasant surprises of insufficient protection systems. The seminar will bring forward some of these experiences focusing on the corrosive environment in the atmospheric zone that includes the tower, nacelle and utility systems. Examples will be given on potential failure types, requirements to maintenance, protective coatings and control of the corrosive environment.

The seminar may be relevant for personnel working e.g. for wind farm owners or operators, designers of turbines or foundations, consultancy companies, subcontractors etc., but the topics may also be of interest for others not involved in the wind industry but wishing for more information on securing the optimum service life of a design.

Knowledge on corrosion of metallic materials is beneficial, but not necessary for attending the seminar.

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