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Find tyrolerkostumet frem!
Arrangør: Esbjerg Afdeling, IDA Syd

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit,
ein Prosit, ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!
Schenkt ein, trinkt aus,
schenkt ein, trinkt aus!
It is finally that time of the year, where the liquid gold will fill us with cheers! 
So grab your finest lederhosen and get ready to fight for the honor of beer drinkers all over the world! 

Grab your finest October party clothes and get ready to fight for the prize of the best dress up! But be aware and make space for your tummy for food and beer!
Show your power in the greatest competition ever made for mankind- show your worth in the beer drinking competition! 
During the night the bartenders are ready to serve cold liquid gold in two forms: Drafted beer or straight from the bottle. 

Tickets can be bought from next week next to the canteen.
So get ready and come and join the most festive fall party of the year!


kr. 125

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