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On‐line Course in Corrosion and Water Chemistry

First SIAPWS Water Chemistry Network Course
Arrangør: SIAPWS

SIAPWS is happy to announce the first course held in relation to the SIAPWS Water
Chemistry Network. The intention of these is to provide courses that you attend from
your pc, but still with the possibility to ask questions and discuss with the other atten‐
dants and the lecturer. The debút course is presented below:

Corrosion types
The first lecture gives an overview of the different corrosion types that may appear in
a power plant. This covers both the water‐steam side and the flue gas side of the
plant. The goal is to present the preconditions for the different types of corrosion and
give examples of the appearance so that they may be idenƟfied by non‐experts.

Key words:
-Uniform and piƫng corrosion
-Stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue
-Erosion corrosion, flow accelerated corrosion
-Crevice corrosion
-Galvanic corrosion
-Hydrogen corrosion
-Microbial corrosion
-High temperature corrosion

Corrosion and water chemistry
The second lecture goes through the corrosion types that may appear in the water‐
steam circuit. The focus is on the components of the circuit and the corrosion types
that they are susceptable for, and how the corrosion may be minimised by optimising
water chemistry and conservation.

Key words:
-Water chemistry and iron oxides
-Uniform corrosion versus piƫng corrosion
-Erosion corrosion
-Components versus corrosion
-Salts in the water‐steam circuit

Format and registration
The course is held as a Skype meeting lastning 2 x 1 h approximately. When you regi‐
ster, you will receive an invitation to each lecture with a link for joining.

Date and time:
1st lecture: Wednesday, November 1st, 13:00-14:30
2nd lecture: Thursday, November 2nd, 13:00-14:30

Price: 2 x 900 DKK, i.e. 1800 DKK in total.


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