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Ordinary general meeting of SIAPWS 2014

Please, register for the meeting to Karsten Thomsen, knth@cowi.dk, by 17 March 2014. The EC arranges an informal get-together on the evening before for those travelling to Copenhagen. Please, indicate if you are interested in taking part.
Arrangør: Spildevandskomiteen

Ordinary general meeting 2014

Scandinavian IAPWS Committee


First call for the ordinary general meeting of Scandinavian IAPWS Committee

on 27 March 2014 at 9:00 to ~15


Agenda (approximate time schedule)

9:00-10:30           1. Election of moderator and clerk of minutes

                          2. Annual report of the chairman 

                          3. The financial situation, here under:

                                           Report on the financial situation

                                           Membership fee for 2014                           

                          4. Election of members of the Executive Committee (EC). The chairman Mats Hellman and board member Karok Daucik are on election according to Schedule.

                          5. Election of an auditor.  

                          6. Authorisation of the leader of the Scandinavian delegation to next IAPWS meeting in Moscow, june 2014 

                          7. Arrangement of the IAPWS meeting 2015 in Scandinavia – preliminary plan and tasks to do so 

10:30-12:00         8.1 Technical workshop – three presentations ~20 min 

12:00-12:30         Lunch

12:30-14:00         8.2 Technical workshop – three presentations ~20 min  

                          9. Any other business                            

14:00-15:00        10. Visit at the new RO-plant for seawater desalination, SWRO at AMV.

Amagerværket is located 10 min by taxi away from Kastrup Airport,which is also a train station on the line between Malmö and Copenhagen, From the city center the distance is 15 min by taxi, see the location here: http://map.krak.dk/query?what=map&mop=yp&advert_code=102254172 .


Kommende arrangementer
fra Spildevandskomiteen

16 jan.
Workshop om udvikling af SVKs regnmålersystem
  • Hotel Nyborg Strand, Nyborg
  • onsdag d. 16. januar kl. 09:30


Få højt specialiseret viden og rabat på arrangementer, som medlem af IDAs 40 fagtekniske netværk.

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