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Capture the Flag, Role the Ball, Last Man standing, Get the house and VIP. What you get for your money? 500 bullets and the equipment ( The Gun and Protection)
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

We are meeting sharp at 14:00 at the upper level parking place in front of the University Alsion in Sønderborg.

If you have availible seats in your car please contact me so we can put some of the people without a car in yours and share the fuel costs. A bus is to expensive and would not pay off.

The Event starts at 15:00 and it will take about 20 min to get protection and they also have full body clothes for you, upper body protection, helmet neck protection, gloves with finger protection. After your saved you have a introduction about safety ect. and about the first game.

You are not allowed to drink or eat there with brought stuff. Tipp, leave those in the car ;)

Here is the adress of the location 

Paintball Deluxe   //   Bakkehøjvej 5, Fogderup, 6372 Bylderup-Bov  //  

 Telefon: 28 15 12 31    //   E-mail: mail@paintballdeluxe.dk

Manoraj Manoharan
Tlf. 81 19 61 21 
E-mail: manoraj@stud.ida.dk

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