24-05-2018 19:44:49

Peak Oil and other Global Energy Limits - webinar

Arrangør: IDA Grøn Teknologi

The recent focus on shale and fracking gas has made an updating of the ”Peak Oil” necessary.  The world contains very large resources of energy, and Mankind can use much less than currently for the same physical outputs.
But we face some very serious energy limits. These include: peak conventional oil, which is about now; peak conventional gas in a decade or so; possibly peak hard coal; a much lower energy return from most new fossil and non-fossil energies; net-energy rate limits that constrain energy transitions; high energy costs that impact global economic activity; and climate change limits that restrict the use of fossil fuels.
The presentation will discuss these limits, and indicate the thinking needed for our future energy choices to be understood and sensibly made.

Roger W. Bentley is visiting research fellow at Reading University, UK and has a degree in physics and chemistry. His research areas include global hydrocarbon depletion, solar energy, and broader energy issues. Earlier positions include Senior Research Fellow at the University of Reading (UK) and member of its ad hoc ‘Oil Resources Group’, and Co-ordinator of the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre, London.  Bentley was one of the founding members of ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas).

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