20-10-2018 19:28:02

PODIO for Project Management

Learn how you can use PODIO for managing your projects and assign tasks for different members of the team. You will also learn how to see progression in the projects, as well as creating custom apps that fit your exact needs.
Arrangør: Ungdomsudvalg, IDA Fyn

Have you ever heard about PODIO? It's an online platform used for e.g. Project Management [PM] or Customer Relationship Management [CRM].

At this event, you will be given an introduction to the basic tools in PODIO and the basic workflow. During the event we will go through:

  • Inviting people to collaborate on the project
  • Importing pre-made apps for your workspace
  • Adjusting existing and creating custommade apps that fit your exact needs on your specific project.
  • Filling in information in the apps
  • Creating webforms that allow external people to put in data
  • The event will be a hands-on-event, so be sure to bring your own computer to get maximum benefit from the event.

Sandwiches will be served during the event. Please inform us prior to the event if you have any allergies etc.

Location will be at AUD 1 next to the Cantineen between building C and D. http://vejviser.sdu.dk/vejviser/servlet/Main?level=1&map=i284

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact:
Bjørn Clemensen
Students contact at IDA
29 72 61 32

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