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Presentation technique by Esben H. Licht

Participate in a practical orientated mini course that will teach you how to, orally present and convey professional knowledge. This course will teach you how to achieve greater impact and help you feel more secure in exam or pitch- situations.
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

The course is facilitated by the experienced speaker Esben H. Licht and will focus on:

  • Improving the quality of your presentations

  • Concrete techniques on how to build strong arguments

  • Concrete techniques on how to cope with nervousness & anxiety

  • Techniques on how to analyse the situation & adapt presentations to achieve the greatest impact.


Through a mix of an inspiring presentation and workshop exercises the course will help you convert theory into practice. The goal is to make you feel equipped to structure and deliver a strong and independent presentation, tailored to the exact situation.

Best Regards

IDA International & Esben H. Licht

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