19-02-2018 15:02:28

Presentation techniques - Get your message through!

Do you want to learn how to make better presentations? Then join this event and improve your skills!
Arrangør: Horsens Afdeling, IDA Østjylland

Whether we like it or not, we are all salespeople. We sell ideas,
messages, trust, professionalism and projects. And our
success in life is closely related to our ability to sell
these skills, ideas and solutions.

Join us for this introductory course to tools for a great presentation. It will allow you to:
• identity and transmit your message
• hold structured presentations
• use persuasive arguments
• use your body language accordingly
… and more!

Do not miss the fast-paced experience where we will challenge your
limits. The course alternates between theory and practice, allowing you to
test the tools yourself!

The speakers for this event are Michael Lind and Karsten Nørgaard. More about them and their company you can read at: http://presentor.dk

Place: VIA University College, 3rd floor between D and E block, Apollo

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