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Put your career in the spotlight

Give your career direction at this workshop where you will learn more about putting your skills and preferred career into words
Arrangør: IDA
Medarrangør: EnglishForum, IDA København

Nurture your career
Have you been working in Denmark for some years, and are you considering what your next step should be? Then join this workshop where we focus on your career path. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your skills, situations in which you thrive and your desires for the future.

Research shows that strength-based career planning promotes job satisfaction and good performance. We will present the elements of strength-based career planning and outline the distinguishing features of people who have a healthy working life. Awareness of what you can do – and what you want to do – will not only give you job satisfaction, it will provide you with an insight into the direction your career should take in the future. This is a good starting point for making conscious choices about your career goals.

What will you get out of the workshop?
• You will identify some of your skills and pinpoint the ones that give you energy
• You will increase your awareness of your own capabilities and what you are able to contribute
• You will have the opportunity to reflect on what will be important to you over the next few years of your life
• You will gain inspiration to continue to work towards your career goal after the course

Who will take part?
The course is relevant for our English-speaking members who have worked in Denmark for some years and wish to focus on and develop their careers.
The course is workshop-based. No individual feedback will be given.

Instructor: Jeanette Svendsen, career adviser at the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA

Participation for IDA-members is free of charge, but please remember to unregister if you change your mind. Otherwise there will be a no-show fee.

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