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Radarteknologi helt i front

Arrangør: IDA Militærteknik

Radarteknologi helt i front

På mødet vil SAAB fortælle om deres flybårne CARABAS jordovervågningsradar, som har mange teknologisk yderst interessante aspekter.

Nærmere detaljer kan ses på deres hjemmeside:

CARABAS is a unique low frequency synthetic aperture radar  technology for which research and development has been ongoing in Sweden for 20 years. However only during the last few years has it been possible to shrink the technology so it will fit into light aircraft, tactical UAV or small helicopter. Also the area of application has been extended to now incorporate applications such as underground imaging down to medium sized metallic mines, and detection of small targets such as humans moving under tree cover.

In its traditional form CARABAS operates across the band 25 - 90 MHz . The low radar frequencies means that tree foliage or camouflage is essentially invisible to the radar while the use of SAR allows high ground resolution - typically 3x3 meters. The technology is ideally suited to so-called change detection, using two independent flights to spot changes in scene imaged by the radar. In this way targets like military vehicles, camouflaged or concealed in vegetation, are found with high confidence. A system demonstrating this technology, developed in collaboration between the Swedish Defence Agency FOI and Saab, has been operating for a long time in a Sabreliner business jet aircraft. Massive experimentation with the system - demonstrating very good performance - has been conducted in large spectrum of environments reaching from arctic environments to  tropical rain forest.

Just recently commissioned for flying, a new generation of the technology has been developed by Saab. Besides the original band, this new system adopts a higher frequency band 140 - 360 MHz, allowing much finer resolution. It also adopts polarization diversity. The objective with the new system is to extend the areas of application to smaller targets as well as MTI and subsurface radar modes. It is right now early days for the new system. Software functions are still in the process of completion. Evaluation of the system is planned for the spring 2012.

The prototype system is mounted beneath a helicopter. System weight and volume as well as antenna designs are compatible with integration into tactical UAVs as well as small fixed wing aircraft. Besides maturing the technology for new types of platforms, Saab is leading work in other CARABAS related areas, e.g. cohabitation  technologies for minimizing the impact of radar operation  to  communication occurring within the exploited radar bands.


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