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Reward, prediction and brain dopamine (lecture and network)

Are you looking for an opportunity to network with your fellow engineering colleagues. This is your chance. This is a combination of network with a lecturer from the receiver of the greatest brain prize: Professor Ray Dolan. The lecture is live streamed.
Arrangør: Kemiteknisk Udvalg, IDA Syd
Medarrangør: Trekantafdeling, IDA Syd

We meet in the restaurant Nicolai Cafe Kolding, Where we have a reserved table.

We will start by eating and networking together. The menu is one pizza free of choice from the menu. Please look af http://www.nicolai-cafe.dk/pizza to decide which pizza you want. One beer, glas of wine or soda is included in the price. Further drinks are paid by the participants.


17.45 dinner in the restaurant

19.00 lecture starts (tickets will be handed out)

Om foredraget:

Title: Reward, prediction and brain dopamine

Evolution has hardwired the human brain to seek out rewards at all times. Be it food, sex or that next episode on Netflix, the human brain releases a chemical called dopamine to promote recurrence of pleasing activities. This raises the question: How essential is dopamine for mental function?

A fundamental requirement for the survival of most living organisms is that they have an ability to effectively seek out sources of reward and avoid sources of punishment. Rewards include food, water, sex, drugs as well as more abstract entities such as money and aesthetic experience. Evolution has endowed humans, and other species, with special mechanisms that promote learning about sources of rewards, as well as providing a motivation to seek out such rewards. The action of a special brain chemical, known as dopamine, is key to these mechanisms. Over the past two decades scientists have made fundamental discoveries that shed new light on how dopamine enables a wide range of reward related behaviours. These discoveries include revealing a fundamental mathematical algorithm that is coded in the pattern of firing of dopamine neurons. Ray Dolan will provide an account of these discoveries, including how they are shaping our current understanding of how humans make choices and the consequences of a loss of brain dopamine for mental function and mental health.


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