22-08-2018 03:19:59

Safety and procedures

Do procedures always improve safety? Learn how rules can help operators with safety-critical tasks, and how rukes can undermine the operator’s own judgement.
Arrangør: IDA Risk

SimTransDanish Human Factors Network and IDA Risk arrange a seminar on the ambiguous role of rules and procedures in safetycritical operations. Three speakers from the UK, France and Denmark will cover both positive and problematic aspects of proceduralisation: how rules and procedures can guide operators performing safetycritical tasks, and how they can complicate operations and undermine the operator’s ability to make a judgment based on experience and competences.


  • Patrick Waterson, Loughborough University: Safety, Rules and Violations: A Systems Approach

NB: Unfortunately, Patrick Waterson has cancelled his contribution because of illness. We try to arrange replacement, but this cannot be guaranteed

  • Jean‐Christophe Le Coze, INERIS: What has gone wrong with the focus on safety procedures?
  • Niels Hermann, IKAS: Standards to improve quality and safety


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