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SAP End-to-End Process Overview

This is an introduction course designed for SAP beginners. The course is designed to give th beginner an overview of the SAP modules: Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Production and Finance.
Arrangør: IDA Operations Management

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SAP Course Description:

This is an introduction course designed for SAP beginners. The course is designed to give SAP beginners a SAP overview and you will learn how the integration between the SAP modules works. The course will make the intoduction based on a simple workflow and therefore be easy to follow by all participants.

After the course the participants will get free access to an online SAP test system where all the modules and processes discussed during the course will be availabe for home study/homework.

SAP Course Target Audience:

SAP Users & Power Users, SAP Support Team members, Executives and Managers, Business and Strategy Consultants, Project Team Members, Anyone wanting to learn about SAP.

The course will be held by Ole Møller Nielsen, Managing Director, Partner at Com2Learn ApS. Ole Nielsen founded com2Learn in 2004 and has developed the company into a major player in the global SAP eLearning business. Ole has a background as certified SAP consultant and SAP project manager. He has been working with SAP training and SAP consulting since 1996. Ole has worked as Manager and with SAP in companies like LEGO, Danfoss and IBM.

The Agenda for the everning is:

Intoduction   SAP Workshop Objectives 5 min
SAP General Introduction
What is SAP
SAP Modules
SAP GUI / SAP Portal

Why does companies choose SAP 15 Min.
SAP Integration

SAP Navigation: Logon, Menu, T-codes, Favorites, Sessions

LiveSAP Logon (Demonstration)

SAP Process Flow presentation

SAP terms (MRP, Material, Vendor, BOM…)

17 exercises: End-to-End SAP process walk-through 30 Min.

120 Min.

QA & Evaluation   15 Min.
Participants are offered 1 month free access to SAP self-study

(SAP1 - Integration Workshop package) 1 Month 

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