17-12-2018 20:36:58

SDN as an enabler for future network technologies

This event will introduce you to the concept of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and present the current state of the art in terms of both technology and use cases. The event will also include real life demonstrations of SDN testbenches.
Arrangør: IDA Tele


14:00-14:05 – Welcome and intro.
14:05-14:30 – SDN in context (DTU).
14:30-14:55 – Network Slicing & SDN (Nokia).
14:55-15:10 – Break
15:10-15:35 – SDN, Network operators and customer experience (TDC)
15:35-15:45– Break
15:45-17:00 – Demos
15:45-15:55 Intro
Demo slots: 16:00/16:15/16:30/16:45
Demos to be run simultaneously and continuously(10 max per demo):
- Demo1 – SDN in Datacenters.
- Demo2 – Policy-based SDN-enabled network management.
- Demo3 – NFV and SDN-enabled service composition.
- Demo4 – P4 & evolution of SDN.


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