21-08-2018 07:39:50

Security, for Society - A View from the End of the World

Arrangør: IDA IT

Roger Clarke will enlighten the Danish discussion on security, privacy and id-management (eg. nemID) with lessons from his work with Australian Government, Enterprises and public interest advocacy organisations on strategic and policy aspects of security and information technology.


The presentation will identify myths that have undermined PKI, authentication and 'identity management' initiatives for the last two decades.  This will lead into a review of the conflicts between privacy, on the one hand, and various senses of security, on the other.  Balance has been lost during the last decade of combined 'religious fundamentalist extremism' and 'national security extremism'. Key principles underlying 'Security, for Society' will be proposed.



Roger Clarke (www.rogerclarke.com) of Xamax, Australian National University, and University of New South Wales has a long international record combining research with consulting and policy advice on security and privacy issues. He has published over 100 papers on many aspects of surveillance and privacy.  He has been a member of the Privacy International Advisory Board since its inception in 2000, and is currently Chair of

the Australian Privacy Foundation - the world's oldest such body, having been founded in 1987. Roger is visiting Copenhagen as a guest of Roskilde University's Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies - CBIT.



For IDA-IT and The Danish Council For Greater IT-Security by Niels Christian Juul, Roskilde University.


Gratis for medlemmer af IDA-IT, Rådet for Større IT-Sikkerhed og Dansk IT

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