26-04-2018 15:11:19

Simulation in the building industry

The event will go through workflows and tips based on industry best practices. The session will also demonstrate various examples of how designers like you have made effective use of Autodesk Simulation Solutions within their workplace.
Arrangør: Bygningsteknisk Gruppe, IDA Østjylland
Medarrangører: IDA Brandteknik, IDA Sundhedsteknologi, IDA Østjylland, IT Gruppen, IDA Østjylland, Sundhedsteknologisk Udvalg, IDA Østjylland

All around the world engineers and designers are constantly facing challenges, including thinking lean, reducing costs, making innovative building designs faster and on and on.

When designing buildings and systems with high purity requirements, such as operating rooms, facilities for the production of pharmaceuticals or electronics data centers, a very high control of the airflow is required. 

In this session, we will introduce you to the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software from Autodesk and examples including surgical rooms that require high bacteria control, human comfort whether room is to cold or hot, external wind flow around buildings and their impact on human and structures around the building, smoke simulation from fire and more which all can be effectively virtually simulated before actual build.


17:00     Welcome                                                    Armin Ehtesham, IDA

17:10     Simulation in The Building Process               Henrik Munk Madsen, Symetri

17:30     Simulation Product Presentations                 Wasim Younis, Symetri

18:30     Dinner

19:00     Simulation Customer Cases                         Wasim Younis, Symetri

19:45     Open Q&A                                                                            

20:00     One-to-one & Networking                                                           

20:30     Close

Wasim Younis is a simulation solutions specialist at Symetri, with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing field, including having worked at Rolls-Royce, British Aerospace, and Nuclear Electric. Younis has been teaching at Autodesk University for more than 5 years, and he has also been involved with Simulation software since Autodesk, Inc., first introduced it. He is well known throughout the Simulation community, and he has authored the Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor Simulation books, available worldwide. He also manages and runs a dedicated forum for simulation users on LinkedIn called Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor Simulation.

Symetri with over 300 skilled employees and 100,000 daily users across Northern Europe, provides clients with expert guidance covering everything from 3D modelling and simulation to Product Lifecycle Management, Building Information Modelling and Facility Management. Many of our solutions follow the principles of Lean, and the benefits include lower development and production costs, a reduction in materials used and shorter time to market, not to mention leaving more room for creativity and better end results.

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