20-11-2018 23:05:33

Sport’s Day & Blast Off Concert - Try out local sports and boogie to Outlandish!

Arrangør: Sønderjylland Afdeling, IDA Syd

IDA realizes that the best way to assemble the biggest mass of students, is to host a party. This is why we have BLAST OFF which is THE biggest annual event held by SSF for three years in a row. Here we try to create a cosy atmosphere supported by sport’s activities. This year SSF is working with SDU’s IntroTeam, IDA and local sport’s clubs to make Blast Off a whole-day event.



Sport’s clubs of Sønderborg, including SFS Sønderborg will have the opportunity to present themselves and hold try-outs and tournaments for the interested students.

The transition time from the sport’s activities to the concert will be filled with games and food service.

The live concert featuring Alias Caylon, Late Nite Satellite, Ludwig Van and OUTLANDISH.

Further information
See more on ssf4u.org/blastoff/ and buy your ticket locally at Alsion’s Canteen during lunch breaks.

IDA students: 80 kr.
Other IDA members: 150 kr.
Companions: 150 kr 


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