16-08-2018 19:27:10

T-CREST – An Open-Source Time-predictable Multicore Platform

Arrangør: IDA IT

The T-CREST platform is a time-predictable multicore platform optimized for real-time systems. Traditional multicore platforms that are optimized for average case speed are highly unpredictable in execution time. In contrast, T-CREST is designed from scratch with a focus on time predictability. This includes processors, network-on-chip, memory controller, compiler, and worst-case execution time analysis tool.

The T-CREST platform has been developed in the now completed EC FP7 project T-CREST and in the ongoing Danish funded research project RTEMP. T-CREST is implemented in an FPGA. All components of the T-CREST platform are available in industry friendly BSD open source.

Speaker: Martin Schoeberl  from DTU (masca@dtu.dk) and Jens Sparsø from DTU (jspa@dtu.dk)

Coordinator: Finn Gustafsson

Presentations and discussions will be in English!

Participaition free of charge for members of IDA IT and DIT.

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