23-10-2017 01:05:47

The internet of hackable things

Nicola Dragoni , DTU Compute will talk about how your Everyday Objects Might Become Hackers’ Cyber-Weapons. Presentaiton will be in English!
Arrangør: Sønderjylland Afdeling, IDA Syd
Medarrangør: Elektroteknisk Gruppe, IDA Syd

The Internet of Things revolution is rapidly changing our society to a world in which everyday objects will be connected to the Internet, making computing pervasive like never before. From a security and privacy perspective, this tsunami of connectivity represents a potential disaster, as each object becomes inherently hackable and, as a consequence, remotely controllable by malicious actors.

This talk will give a security perspective on the ongoing Internet-of-Things revolution, with emphasis on the urgent need to develop a security culture.

Nicola Dragoni: Associate Professor. DTU COMPUTE Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Technical University of Denmark.


The event will take place in U101!!!!!

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