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The Nightlife of Berlin

Experience the incredible Berlins nightlift and the alternative and modern atmosphere of the city
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

Between boarding the bus from Hovedbanegården friday morning the 11th of april and returing home the following sunday you will have tasted what true nightlife really means.


This trip offers the oppertunity to visit a wide variety of bars and clubs. You will get free entrance, free drinks and special offers on drinks. This provides a great ground on which to party all through the weekend! You can either join a pub crawl (which is very different from danish pub crawls) or you can skip the crawl and explore Berlin by yourself or with friends.

If you would like to see Berlin in the daytime just as spring is beginning to flourish, there is an offer of different guided tours for free. It is of course optional to join these.


For 1500,- you get:

  • Bus ride to and from the hostel in Berlin
  • Two nights accomodation
  • Free entrance to a variety of clubs and bars
  • Free drinks / special drinks offers
  • Different free walking tours around berlin

We hope to see you on this rather different IDA-event!

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