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The Power of Networking

Have you thought about how some people always seem to know everyone, or have no problems finding a new work group, a cool job, lots of friends - or even a partner in life?
Arrangør: IDA Young Professionals
Medarrangør: Kurser for studerende

Maybe you think it is pure coincidence or luck, but actually there is a good chance that they are just naturally skilled or trained in networking.

Most people have a much larger network than they are aware off. This network consists of friends, familiy, work relations and social media contacts. As soon as you become aware of what you need to achieve, your network can help you make it reality by having you meet the right people, with the right knowledge. Networking is indeed powerful, and this workshops helps you get started on all the benefits you can achieve by utilizing your relations. 

Who should participate:

  • Students who want to develop or maintain strong social relations with people

  • Students who are nervous about networking or establishing contact with strangers

  • Students who are interested in establishing a professionel network for their career or company

  • Students who wants to learn how networking functions in coorporations that seeks employees

You will learn:

  • What networking is, and how to become good at networking today

  • How the experience and education you allready have, can be used for networking

  • Practical examples of career networking activities and how to establish contact

  • Practical tools that gives you the basics for practising networking on a daily basis


Program from 16:45-19:45

16:45–17:45: Introduction to networking -  by Marcus Victor Høgh, Coach, business mentor and student at Medialogy AAU-CPH

Is a general introduction to networking. How it works, where people network, scouting events at social media, how you can get started on networking yourself, and what it require from you as a person.You will achieve a basic understanding on how to use your current experience to get in touch with other people and we will discuss body language and analyzing non-verbal communication.

17:45-18:15: Practical applications of networking - by Kasper Hasling Villumsen, HR Director and recruitor at Napatech

Career networking 
Is a career oriented speak about how Human Ressource departments in companys use networking to find the right people for a position. A skilled networker can skip the tedious and excausting process of writing job applications and be first in line for the next position if networking is used..

18:15 – 19.00. Practise in networking techniques

A practical session where you have the opportunity to try simple technicques that can help you on the path to become better at networking. We will practise scouting, preparation, elevator speach, how to ask relevant questions, exchanging information, following up, and booking career meetings.


This event is arranged and sponsored by IDA Young Professionals; a professional network inside IDA for students and members for maximum 5 years after graduation


For the study price of 80kr.- you get:
* the course with an experienced lecture
* tea/coffee/water from the cantina at AAU-CPH
* A pizza for dinner.

You are welcome to me at david@stud.ida.dk if you have any questions about this event

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