25-05-2018 07:26:35

The quantum computer game: Democratic research and game based teaching

Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

The quantum computer game: Democratic research and game based teaching

Do you want to be a part of a new project and develop a functional quantum computer? Then don’t miss the workshop of Professor Jacob Sherson from Aarhus University, Department for Physics and Astronomy.

In this microscopic world of individual atoms the classical conception of a particle being localized in a single place in space breaks down. This mystical aspect of quantum theory is the main ingredient in the concept of the quantum computer, which uses microscopic particles to perform enormous amounts of calculations in parallel – thereby surpassing all existing computers combined in computational power!

The workshop will include a discussion of a new project, where the users of the internet worldwide through a compute game will get the chance to assist in the research towards the development of a functional quantum computer.
Be ready for tomorrow and make contributions in the rapidly evolving informational society!

If you need help with signing up, please mail at cht@ida.dk

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