13-12-2018 00:44:28

The Signalling programme - Radio based train signalling

At this afternoon event hosted by IDA Tele and IDA Rail we'll dive into GSM-R and ETCS, the telecommunication technology behind the signal program - Denmarks largest railway infrastructure project to date.
Arrangør: IDA Tele
Medarrangør: IDA Rail

Get a technical introduction to GSM-R and ETCS and how it works together with other parts of the signalling system. How the wireless systems and technologies have evolved from standardization to implementation.

Learn how BaneDanmarks Joint Test Lab is instrumental in combining systems from several different suppliers, accommodating tester and IT experts from 16 different countries and running 5 different tests at the same time. For this setup to work, you need to have processes and policies that can handle this, or else chaos will happen fast.


13:00 Welcome
Svend Poulsen, IDA Rail

13:10 Insights into GSM-R
Johan Olofsson, Solution Architect, Nokia

  • Standardization
  • Equipment/Market supply
  • Pros and cons of the technology
  • Resilience

13:50 ETCS: Technology
Bo Madsen, Assistant Chief Engineer, Banedanmark

  • The signalling program in brief
  • Basic principles of ETCS
  • ETCS as a train protection system
  • ETCS and the signalling program
  • Future developments of ETCS

14:30 Coffee

14:45 Guideline to Set Up a Joint Test Laboratory for Testers and their Equipment
Gitte Oberbossel, Program Testmanager, Banedanmark & Emelie Marisa Brynolf, Test Manager, Banedanmark

  • The importance of a JTL in large infrastructure projects.
  • Managing and running a JTL with experts from 16 different countries
  • Cooperation between different suppliers

15:30 Thank you for participating


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