17-02-2018 23:59:18

Time to think clearly II

Managing all the daily duties and tasks could become a stressful issue. Counselling center Headspace will offer their experience in helping finding the way to overcome mental pressure and stress!
Arrangør: Kurser for studerende

In cooperation with Headspace we will explore the meaning of mental health. We will also discuss how the lack of mental health can be expressed and how each of us can find better ways of handling everyday challenges.

In addition to the general concept of mental health, we will also discuss:
- The aspects of moving to a foreign country
- Perhaps this is your first time living on your own?
- Difficulties living up to the great pressures at school.

The speakers from Headspace, Lene and Karina, both have personal experiences with moving to a foreign country, having to settle down in a foreign culture and adjust to an everyday life that was very different from what they were used to in Denmark.

Due to their professional experiences in educational psychology they have both encountered the various pressures of the school environments.

So come by and hear what Headspace can offer you.

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