15-10-2018 21:35:24

Tips and tricks to work efficiently with Danes - webinar

Arrangør: KompetenceForum, IDA København

If you are working with Danes, you might have stumbled over their way of doing things. Even though you’ve travelled and worked abroad before you came to Denmark, the behaviour you meet in Denmark might be difficult to decode as it doesn’t compare to other experiences abroad. There’s an explanation to this.

In this webinar, we’ll put our magnifying glass over three characteristics of the Danish working culture that play a significant role in collaborating effectively with Danes:

·         Flat hierarchy
·        Extreme level of trust
·         Direct communication style – unless there’s a conflict

As we move along, we’ll give easy tips and tricks to how you can blend in.


·         Flat hierarchy                 

·         What’s the story behind this flat hierarchy?

·         How does it work in practice?

·         What do Danes expect when making decisions, managing personel or participating in meetings?

·         Tips and tricks to change style

·         Extreme level of trust

·         Why this high level of trust?

·         How do Danes build trust?

·         Tips and tricks to build relations with Danes

·         Direct communication style

·         Why do Danes come across as blunt sometimes?

·         Why do they use irony?

·         Tips and tricks to understand what your Danish colleagues are actually saying

Marisa Matarese is a cross-cultural consultant. For more than ten years, she has equipped people and organizations to tackle cultural differences effectively on all levels within an organization.

She has practical experience from long-term in-house intervention in global engineering projects – mainly within the pharmaceutical industry and the oil and gas industry.

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The webinar is arranged by The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.







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