15-08-2018 09:11:49

Towards Energy-Aware Software Development

Why is energy efficiency in software important and how can it be improved?
Arrangør: IDA IT
Medarrangør: Dansk IT

The energy consumption and environmental impact of computing technologies are becoming a worldwide concern.  High-performance and cloud computing systems use huge amounts of power; at the other end of the scale there are billions of small battery-operated systems such as mobile phones and tablets. At current rates of increase, IT systems will consume as much energy as transport within a couple of decades.

It is surprising that far more energy savings can be achieved by improving software technologies than by improving the underlying hardware. Unfortunately however, software engineers have almost no idea how much energy their programs consume, and which parts of the program consume the most. The process of measuring energy and optimising energy usage is an expensive and time-consuming task.

The European project ENTRA (entraproject.eu) funded by the 7th Framework Programme, has the vision of "energy transparency". This will enable the developer to visualise the energy usage of the code being developed. The main techniques for achieving energy transparency are (i) energy modelling and (ii) static analysis of code.  In this talk we will give examples of how these techniques are being built in to a software toolchain for embedded systems and what kind of energy-aware optimisations could be achieved with them.

Presentations and discussions will be in English!

Speakers: John Gallagher from Roskilde University and Kerstin Eder from Bristol University

Coordinator: Niels Christian Juul

Free for members of IDA IT and DIT.

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