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Turning up the U factor – an event for foreigners in cooperation with EXPAT in Denmark

An event for foreigners in Denmark
Arrangør: IDA Østjylland


The workshop " Turning up the U factor" is about finding yourself in Denmark.

Foreigners often try so hard to ‘fit in’ that they ‘lose’ part of themselves. In fact, just like a dimmer switch on a light, they turn themselves down. The result: they lose therienthusiasm; excitement; optimism; energy. Perhaps there’s something more to this than the long Danish winter!

In this interactive and engaging workshop we will begin to re-connect with ourselves. We are most resourceful when we are being our most authentic selves. Through this process of examining what is really important to us and rediscovering our true selves, we can spend our energy on creating a life we love, instead of struggling and trying to ‘fit in’.


In this session you will begin to identify the skills and competencies required to leverage your best self. You will discover how to recognise your limiting beliefs and develop strategies to challenge them.

Course outline:

- discover and explore your values
- identify and challenge your limiting beliefs
- begin to learn various theoretical and practical models
- walk away with new perspectives, tools and exercises
- feel your shine again!
- see this new world in a new light!


About the workshop speakers:

S2 Strategic Skills is a coaching consultancy that helps companies and individuals in their sustainable development of strong business and personal success. Stacy Townsend is a professionally certified coach & NLP Practitioner and has been an expat in Denmark for 5 years. Stephanie Keller is a consultant and coach and has been an expat in Denmark for 10 years


Attendance fee:

It is free to participate for IDA member. External member will be charged 60 kr., which subsequently will be adjusted if you become a member of IDA. You can sign up for the event by clicking at the event-/course. If you are not already a member you must register as “Ny bruger” the first time you want to sign up for a course.



You can sign up on this link: https://engage.di.dk/cgi-bin/qwebcorporate.cgi?idx=BMQGNX and not at IDA.

Deadline for registration is 10.11.2013.



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