15-11-2018 01:15:39

UK: FREE LaTex Course - For the ones tired of Word

Are you also tired of how annoying Microsoft Word is? Then learn LaTex and enjoy its smooth layout!
Arrangør: Sønderjylland Afdeling, IDA Syd
Medarrangører: Elektroteknisk Gruppe, IDA Syd, Studenterkontakter

** N.B. Taught in English! **


Most scientific papers and books are created using LaTex. Join this privileged community by learning LaTex, and forget about any problems with formatting your documents. With LaTex, all your assignments and semester project reports will be noticed and praised.

The course will be conducted by Lars Duggen and will cover the basics of the programme (it is enough to make most of your documents). It is easy to handle and adjust all formatting once you know them.

Present yourself professionally to your teachers, employers and the world! You will not come unnoticed!

The event will take place at Alsion, 6400 Sønderborg - room U205.


** N.B. Taught in English! **


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