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Understanding Surface Technology

Arrangør: IDA Mechanical

This course is planned to give the attendees an understanding of Advanced Surface Technology as a tool to optimize product design.
The course content comprises engineering information on how to tailor specific properties into surfaces produced by chemical and electrochemical processes, thermal spraying and thermal and chemical diffusion processes. More information below.

Course material: The course participants will receive an English-language book on Advanced Surface Technology.

Course language: English (Danish in case of all attendees agree). 

Course teacher:
Per Møller, professor, Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, possibly supplemented by guest teachers in specialized fields.

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11th April :
Introduction to surface engineering. Introduction to chemical and electrochemical processes. Design guidelines and process equipment. Zinc electroplating.
Thermochemical diffusion processes. Thermal spraying & Hardfacing, etc.

12th April:
Electroplating nickel. Electrolytic deposition of copper. Electrolytic tinning.
Electrolytic deposition of alloys and precipitation of noble metals.
Chemical precipitation of metals. Hard chrome plating. Chemical-electrochemical polishing.
Conversion coatings (processes changing the surface).
Hot dip galvanizing (Dipping the metal melt). Enamelling. Mechanical plating.

The course schedule can be downloaded here

Members of ATV SEMAPP and members of DMS (IDA): DKK: 7.200, -. Others: DKK: 8.000, -
Meals and teaching material (Book + possible document files) are included.
If you do not need the course book on Advanced Surface Technology (about 900 pages) please notify on the registration form and have a reduction in price of DKK 600.
Registration not later than 15th of March 2013 gives a reduction of DKK 400.
Quoted prices are excl. VAT.

Fill in the registration HERE. Please leave a note on the registration form if you do no need the course book.
Registration confirmation will be received at the registration PC screen immediately after posting and shortly after as an E-mail.

You can also sign up to Anette Kaltoft, phone no. 4525 4717 (9:00 to 12:30) or to Erling D. Mortensen, phone no. +45 4525 4630 or by sending an email to semapp @ atv-semapp.dk .

At registration by e-mail, please include name, position, company address, zip code / city, phone on business. EAN-No. in case your

Danish company wishes an E-invoice, and invoice address if different from above company address. VAT no. is needed for EU-organisations outside Denmark requesting invoices without VAT (reverse charge).

Although late registration is possible, the registration is kindly requested to be done before Friday the 29th of March 2013.



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