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Unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Danish waters

In recent years questions have arisen regarding the risk of accidents caused by the explosion of UXO in Danish waters.
Arrangør: IDA Risk
Medarrangør: IDA Militærteknik

Unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Danish waters

Tuesday 25th March 2014, 16.00 - 18.30, Ingeniørhuset, Copenhagen

Risk of accidents caused by unexploded ordnance (UXO) during offshore construction works in Danish waters.

In recent years questions have arisen regarding the risk of accidents caused by the explosion of UXO in Danish waters. The Øresund Link, the Femern Link, the new Storstrøm Bridge, the Nord Stream gas pipeline and wind turbine farms in the North Sea and other Danish waters are all examples of projects where there may be a risk.

UXO is present in Danish waters, originating from minelaying during WWI and WWII, ammunition dumped during WWII (in particular chemical ammunition), and unexploded ammunition from the Danish Armed Forces test- and training-firings.

Although the probability of striking an item of UXO and initiating an explosion might be very small, the risk should not be neglected. It is important to provide the best possible information for the assessment of risk and the need for risk reduction – for instance, desk studies of historical sources, other experiences, sea bed surveys etc.

This arrangement aims to look at all aspects of the risks related to the presence of UXO in Danish waters, to present methods of risk management and to discuss the need for knowledge sharing and coordinated efforts in this area.

5  min. Introduction. Erik K. Lauritzen, Selskabet for Risikovurdering.

25 min.  UXO in Danish waters and risks to maritime works. Commander Lars Møller, the Danish Frogman Corps, EOD Unit.

25 min. Requirements to UXO risk assessment in relation to the planning, design and construction of Wind Turbine farms and other structures in Danish waters. Mr. Jens Colberg-Larsen, Geophysicist, Energinet.dk.

25 min.  Principles for UXO risk assessment, including desk study, UXO survey and risk analysis based on experience of working in Danish and British waters. Mr. Lee Gooderham, Ordtek Limited, Unexploded Ordnance Risk Management.

15 min.  Break

25 min. UXO risk management during offshore projects. Mr. Peter Skjellerup, Senior Lead Specialist, DONG.
25 min. Experiences from UXO assessment and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) work in Den-mark and Sweden, knowledge sharing and coordination of efforts relating to UXO in Denmark. Mr. Christian Asbjørn Andersen and Mr. Kasper Cramon Jørgensen, UXO Risk specialists, NIRAS.

5 min. Summary.

This arrangement is organised by Selskabet for Risikovurdering in cooperation with Militærteknisk Forening.

Chairman: Erik Krogh Lauritzen, phone 30633905, e-mail: ekl@lauritzenadvising.dk

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