14-11-2018 17:06:09

Virtual and Augmented Reality Workshop

Do you want to get insight into the emerging fields of Virtual and Augmented Reality?
Arrangør: Ungdomsudvalg, IDA Fyn

Brief description:

The workshop aims to give the participants an insight into the emerging fields of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR-AR), having a focus on discovering the opportunities and impacts of VR-AR technologies in nowadays digital society.

Workshop description:

1. Introduction to Extended Reality:
- What is VR, AR, MR, XR?

2. Early XR history:
- VR from 1980 to 2000
- AR from 1980 to 2000
- The revolution of XR

3. State of the industry:
- Current technologies and domains
- Famous case studies and examples
- Available hardware, software, APIs and SDKs
- AR devices: Mobile and HMDs

4. Visometric – company presentation
- Introduction to real time rendering
- Static vs real time workflow
- Photorealistic VR – challenges and tips

5. Visometric product demo – Oculus Rift
- Try the Visometric apps in VR
- Q&A Session

6. Deep dive into AR - Mobile development in Unity:
- Marker-based vs markerless Augmented Reality
- Description of SDKs and APIs: Vuforia Architecture, ARCore
- Major ARCore components and functionality

  • ARCore Eyetracking
  • ARCore Environmental understanding
  • ARCore light estimation
  • ARCore components

7. 20 min interactive and creative challenge for the participants:
- Yielding a use case for AR
- How can technology as «AR» can improve our society and life
- What AR technology can be used?

Remember to be there 10 minutes before hand.

There will be a sandwich per person and drinks inkluded.

If you have any questions then contact:

Amalie Harehjort

Student Contact

Phone: 42459922

Mail: amaliekh@stud.ida.dk


kr. 110
Vegetarsandwich/vegetarian sandwich
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