21-05-2018 22:24:12

Visit Illutron - "Collaborative Interactive Art Studio"

Illutron is a collaborative interactive arts studio. Illutron creates large scale interactive art, intriguing explorations into the realm where art and technology meet, experiments in the water and is a place for individual or collaborative work
Arrangør: IDA Young Professionals

Driven by curiosity, the artistic use of technology has since 2007 been explored by volunteers on the boat Illutron. Artists, programmers, electricians, musicians and wizards have made one astounding installation after the other. 

By using electricity, sounds, fire, light and more the artists intertwine technology and art in creative interactive installations.

The visit to Illutron will be an exciting experience which will hopefully poke to your own creativity. Maybe you have your own idea for a project and need a platform to get started on?

In this event you will be given a tour on the boat and get a chance to see some of the installations in action.

For DKK 30,- you get a tour and some food.

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