26-05-2018 23:26:15

Visit the high technological rehabilitation center "Vikærgården"

Now you have the opportunity to visit Vikærgården and try the social robot Silbot, Voice Control technology and Planning Board from Cetrea.
Arrangør: Sundhedsteknologisk Udvalg, IDA Østjylland
Medarrangør: IDA Sundhedsteknologi

At the Vikærgården rehabilitation center welfare technological solutions are devolved and citizens from Aarhus test state-of-the-art technology. The vision of Vikærgården is to be a trendsetter in rehabilitation and welfare technological aids in Denmark and abroad.

The program includes a guided tour and a presentation.

The presentation will contain:

  • The social robot Silbot
  • Voice Control technology
  • Planning Board from Cetrea
  • Weight with face recognition
  • Fitlight – a training concept used for sport
  • And more new technologies to come..

A break will be held during the presentation to give attendees time to network and eat. (IDA will be serving sandwiches.)

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NB. In case of no non-Danish speakers attend the visit, the presentation will be held in Danish. The course is limited to 30 participants.

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